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Rummelsberger Dienste für junge Menschen gGmbH

Power. Courage. Love. Confidence. - Offers from the "Rummelsberger Kinder- und Jugendhilfe" (Rummelsberg child and youth welfare service).

Children and young people are the starting point and focus of our educational activities. The Rummelsberg Deaconry offers help from one hand. From day care to inpatient living groups: professionally linked services are our strength - for children and young people with and without disabilities.

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Diakonia in the 21st century is for us civic engagement with a Christian mission. Dignity and the individuality of the individual, the appreciation and respect for his or her life story are the guidelines for our activities. Every person is valuable. We accompany and enjoy the development and unfolding of people. We see ourselves as a part of their world.

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Children, adolescents and adults in coping independently with their everyday life in different life situations through e.g. tutoring, support, everyday help, appreciation and self-esteem strengthening.

Further information and an overview of our help fields can be found here: www.rummelsberger-diakonie.de.

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Rummelsberger Dienste für junge Menschen gGmbH

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