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Berliner Büchertisch e.V.

Our vision: Reading should be affordable for everyone - independent from his or her age, salary, social status or origin. That’s why the Büchertisch as a non-profit association supports libraries in schools, kindergartens, prisons and many other institutions. We also work in different projects to help children to access books and reading materials.

Moreover we supply various stations for free books throughout Berlin. In creating jobs and apprenticeships for people from various social backgrounds – from former homeless people to young professionals – we try to give people new perspectives.

About Berliner Büchertisch e.V.

Target group(s)

all age groups and population strata


In order to finance our activities we sell books which were donated to us by individuals or publishers in three social bookshops in Berlin.

Your support helps

Volunteers can get involved in a variety of ways:

  • Assist with sorting, researching, archiving, picking up books
  • Assistance with ordering and shipping
  • Help with online sales
  • Support in the cooperation with school libraries
  • Participation in public relations
  • Supervision of book give-away shelves
  • Support in the bookshop
  • also possible to do activities from home, such as taking puzzles home to check for completeness or writing blog posts related to books,
  • possibly support with social media if previous knowledge is available

Our donation requests on vostel.de

Berliner Büchertisch e.V.

Richardstraße 83
12043 Berlin