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Deutsches Rotes Kreuz - Kreisverband Bremen e.V.

Bremen, Bremen
Basic German skills
Discussed individually
  • Civil Protection & First Aid
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Health Promotion

About the volunteering opportunity

Volunteers wanted!

The DRK Kreisverband Bremen e.V. is looking for voluntary helpers to actively participate in the emergency services. Our tasks include:

- Execution of medical services in our readiness San/RD at different events
- Execution of cooking operations in our readiness support and logistics
- Participation in disaster control
- support of the rescue service by the rapid response group

You are at least 16 years young, looking for a meaningful leisure activity, have team spirit, are always ready to help, want to help other people and do not want to stand idly by in an emergency?

What we offer
- The possibility to help others
- The cooperation in a nice team
- Training and further education / qualification offers
- Extensive equipment (ambulance, patient transport vehicle, logistics vehicles, various multi-purpose vehicles)
- The opportunity to attend sporting events, concerts and other events free of charge
- Social responsibility
- Self-experience
- Exchange of experience
- New contacts
- Group evenings of the volunteers
- Joint events
- Numerous exciting and varied ambulance services throughout Bremen
- Membership in the rapid response group (SEG) and take part in operations and large disaster control exercises
of the city of Bremen
- Do something good

Your Tasks

Ambulance and rescue service (SAN/RD)
Join our SAN/RD standby team. We help wherever we are needed. You don't need any special basic knowledge, just an affinity for medicine. Everything else will be taught to you in various courses. Take heart, we are only human and help each other, whether in an emergency or on a medical service. We stick together and support each other!

Support and logistics team
In the event of a disaster, our support and logistics team is responsible for providing food and refreshments for people and helpers. Ideally, you have a catering qualification or are even a chef? We need you! Together with our team, you would plan and execute meals and dishes. Other helpers will take care of everything else that needs to be provided. Do you enjoy working in the field kitchen and working in large quantities? Here's your chance.

Other possible areas where you can volunteer
Volunteers are also needed in other areas of the DRK Kreisverband Bremen e.V., such as voluntary social work, the blood donation service, the blood drive service, the clothing store, the meeting and exercise centers, the book market, the Red Cross Youth (6-27 years), youth support, wellcome, the service centers, neighborhood assistance, care law and many other areas.

The tasks are as varied as the German Red Cross (DRK) itself.

What's needed

For this volunteering opportunity, basic German skills are required.
Required prior knowledge or skills
- Gender: without restrictions
- Age group: no restrictions
- Driving license: not required
- Certificate of good conduct: depending on the area, an (extended) certificate of good conduct may or may not be required
- Other requirements: Identification with the principles of the DRK, willingness to participate in the standby evenings of the standby teams

Time required

Discussed individually
Regular participation in the standby evenings and missions is encouraged, but everyone donates their time as it suits them best.

Important notice

Disabled people cannot be deployed everywhere. Employment depends on the degree of disability


Deutsches Rotes Kreuz - Kreisverband Bremen e.V.

We are here for you

We support people in everyday life and in emergency situations. Everyone of all ages can find offers and services with us, as well as support in times of need. With 150 years, we are one of the oldest aid organizations in the city of Bremen, at the same time we are the leading association of the free welfare care. 

More about the organisation
Bremen, Bremen
Basic German skills
Discussed individually
Bremen, Bremen
Basic German skills
Discussed individually