Floods in southern Germany: How you can help by donating and getting involved


We are a social enterprise from Berlin with a big dream: We want a world in which everyone contributes to a better and more sustainable future according to their possibilities and regardless of time budget, language or previous knowledge. For this purpose, we gather on vostel.de numerous engagement offers from non-profit organizations that are looking for volunteers. By doing this, we show concrete possibilities for action in order to become socially active and would like to motivate above all the younger generations to get involved for a better world.

About vostel.de

Target group(s)

Our youngest vostel volunteer is 16, the oldest vostel volunteer 86 years old. We think this is great, because we want to make it possible for everyone to commit themselves to a better and more sustainable future! For this reason, many of our committed people are so-called newcomers (e.g. expats, people with an escape background) - because we attach great importance to gathering commitment offers on vostel.de, which can also be done without or with only a little knowledge of German.

Beside the co-operation with large carriers it is important to us to support small and so far little well-known organizations and initiatives with the search for Freiwilligen and to help them over the application on vostel.de also to more admittingness.

Additionally we support company with the planning and execution of their Corporate Volunteering activities.

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Paid staff



We finance ourselves through the organisation and implementation of corporate volunteering measures (social days, pro bono opportunities, fundraising campaigns), through consulting services for companies to set up and implement CV programmes, as well as through lecturing activities.


We want to make it possible for everyone to work effectively for a better and more sustainable future.

Your support helps

to make the future better and more sustainable & to attract even more people to social engagement.

Our volunteering opportunities on vostel.de