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The War is not over | Support these Ukraine Emergency Aid Projects all over Germany

Only recently, the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) announced that more than 600,000 people have already fled to Germany since the beginning of the war. Almost 40 % of them are children.

More than


registered refugees from Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

We are all worn out by the terrible images and news of the war, especially after more than two years of pandemic. This is probably the same for you as it is for us. As well as for the many volunteers and humanitarian organisations who have been doing a tremendous job for the last two months.

Unfortunately, this exhaustion is currently also reflected in the declining number of volunteers in the projects. Although, the war is not over! The many refugees, helpers and aid organisations on the ground still need support from volunteers. Help them out and find a suitable volunteer opportunity in one of the Ukraine emergency aid projects throughout Germany.

Support the following projects in

There are still literally thousands of refugees arriving in Berlin every day. Therefore, the need for volunteers in the Ukraine emergency aid projects is greatest here.  Do you live in Berlin and want to support refugees from Ukraine? These projects are currently looking forward to your help:

1 | Help with the collection & distribution of donations

You will directly support the Arche team at the headquarters in Berlin-Hellersdorf in receiving, sorting and handing over donated items. The donations such as groceries, clothes, toys and hygiene products are distributed to refugee families from Ukraine.

2 | Take care of children in a refugee counselling centre

In Mitte, you can support the team of Moabit Hilft in their counselling centre for refugees by taking care of the visitors’ children. From handicraft tools to various toys, everything is provided in the centre to entertain the little ones during the 2-4 hour shifts.

3 | Help with the distribution of food at the main station

The Berlin Caterers for Good have taken on the task of providing hot meals for the Ukrainian refugees arriving at Berlin Central Station. Support is needed around the clock to distribute soups, sandwiches and hot drinks.

4 | Sort donations in kind in a solidarity shop for refugees

At the Berlin to Borders solidarity shop, you will accept and sort donations in kind and help keep the donation warehouse organised. You will also help to prepare some of the donations for shipping to Ukraine.

5 | Welcome Bi_PoC fled from Ukraine

The Tubman Network is an initiative of Black organisations and individuals that focuses mainly on the support of refugees of African descent. Volunteer as a driver or join the team at the main station to welcome and support the arriving Bi_PoC.

6 | Support in finding housing for refugees

Support the association Moabit Hilft in finding accommodation for refugees. During your shift, you will be in charge of the hotline phone as well as the WhatsApp and Telegram channels.

You haven’t found the right Ukraine emergency aid project in Berlin yet? Find many more here:

Projects that need your support in

There are also projects, initiatives and associations outside of Berlin that work to support and integrate refugees from Ukraine. Check out these emergency aid projects in Brandenburg to find a suiting volunteering opportunity for yourself:

1 | Sort and pack clothing and other donations

Support the association Wir packen’s an, which provides direct aid to people in need in refugee camps on the outskirts of Europe. Help with the sorting and packing of clothing and other donations.

2 | Connect people into tandems or organise events

With Start with a Friend you can create face-to-face encounters between people with and without an immigration background. You also can get to know many different people and bring them together in tandems or organise events for a diverse community. It’s up to you to decide what you are most interested in!

Help in one of these projects in

Are you living in the south of Germany and would like to get involved in the Ukraine emergency aid? Then you might be interested in these projects in Munich and Bamberg:

1 | Support as a translator in Munich

Volunteer as a translator for TranslAid and accompany refugees during various visits to the authorities, counselling sessions and other appointments. At the moment, the organisation is mainly looking for Ukrainian and Russian-speaking interpreters.

2 | Help to hand out donated clothes in Bamberg

Support the charity’s clothing store “Jacke wie Hose” from the organisation Bamberg hilft. On Tuesdays as well as Thursdays to Saturdays, you can help with receiving, sorting and handing out clothes.

You live in Nuremberg and haven’t found a suitable project yet? Then sign up now for our interest list and get informed as soon as there are new projects in your area.

Volunteer in

By the end of April, more than 84,000 people from Ukraine had already arrived in Baden-Württemberg. Almost half of the refugees are minors. In many cities in Baden-Württemberg, special care services have therefore been created for children and youths who now need support. But also other projects, for example in the donation collection and distribution, are happy about the help of volunteers:

1 | Support the coffee service at the children and youth center for refugee families

The children’s and youth centre in Stuttgart Münster wants to warmly welcome the refugees accommodated in the district. For this purpose, the team is looking for volunteers to help with the coffee service on weekends.

2 | Read for refugee children

As a reading mentor, you regularly read for refugee children and support them in learning the new language. The Leseohren e.V. has made it its mission to help children enjoy language and books. The organisation currently trains and supports more than 550 dedicated reading mentors.

3 | Look after children in the Stuttgart youth centre

Support the youth centre in Stuttgart Münster by organising and supervising leisure activities for the recently arrived children and teenagers from Ukraine. Feel free to bring in your own ideas for creative or sporty activities!

4 | Sort & hand out donations in Mannheim

Mannheim Youngcaritas’ charity shop Vogelstand needs help with sorting and handing out donated clothes. You can always lend a hand here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 16:00 to 19:00pm.

5 | Support incoming Ukrainians with and without disabilities in Mannheim

The Evangelische Stiftung Lichtenstern has recently taken in almost 40 refugees from Ukraine with and without disabilities. They are now looking for volunteers to support these people. You can for example help them learning German, going to the authorities or visiting the doctor.

Support the following Ukraine emergency aid projects in

Support the Ukraine emergency aid in North Rhine-Westphalia by helping to distribute donations in kind, writing welcome greetings to arriving people or supporting them as a language mediator.

1 | Distribute & sort donations in kind in Düsseldorf

From Monday to Friday, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can help Hispi in Düsseldorf sort and distribute donations in kind. Contact the organisation now to arrange the time and date you can help.

2 | Support Ukrainians as a language mediator in Bonn

The Forum Ehrenamt in Bonn Königswinter is currently looking for volunteers to make it easier for families from Ukraine to arrive in Germany. During their stay, you can support them with various tasks and make them feel welcome.

3 | Write welcoming letters for refugees

Send a positive message to incoming refugees from Ukraine by writing them analogue or digital letters of welcome. Support Youngcaritas Cologne and write one or more letters in English or Ukrainian.

New Ukraine emergency aid projects are regularly added to Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

Become a volunteer to SUPPORT refugees in

You have the opportunity to get involved in the following Ukraine emergency aid project in Leipzig:

1 | Help with the creation of a digital survey

Support the initiative Leipzig helps Ukraine in the development and creation of a Google Form survey for refugees from Ukraine. The aim of the survey is to improve and speed up offers (regarding housing, jobs or childcare, etc.).

Help out as a volunteer in

This project in Kassel is looking forward to your support:

1 | Offer digital help for people from Ukraine in Kassel

Support the PIKSL Labor Kassel in advising and assisting guests from Ukraine. WLAN, printers and computers in Ukrainian/Cyrillic are offered on site. Questions about setting up new SIM cards in the German network are also often asked.

You haven’t found the right project for your volunteer work in the Ukraine emergency aid yet? Find many more projects in your city at

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The team wishes you all the best for your volunteer work in Ukraine emergency aid projects in Germany!

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